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"As a registered user of CaptureSaver for over a year, I regularly use it to keep searchable copies of webpages in my own “knowledge base”. Capture Saver allows me to select the entire webpage – or only a portion (remove the advertisements) – and then annotate with my own comments or thoughts storing it in a hierarchical database (like an outliner).

I have multiple database files (broadly defined by subject matter) and can select which database web pages should be stored in.

I found CaptureSaver very helpful when I wanted to capture news or technical articles that might only be online for a brief time – or with some sites the content is free to read for perhaps a month and then is moved to an archive that users must pay to access.

I can personally recommend CaptureSaver as an excellent program that works well and is very easy to use."
-- Bubby

"And to think I have been wasting my time clicking on a Notepad shortcut on my desktop all these years,copying and pasting,naming what the information is, and saving them in a folder on my desktop called My Notes. Yes, sometimes I even edit what I saved. Amazing what CaptureSaver's technology has to offer. "
-- shipdog7

"CaptureSaver will be useful. In the past when I find a site, I have cut and pasted the link into another organization tool I use. This will be much quicker. You can save the link you like in a user-defined folder very quickly and add a tag. "
-- Peter

"Successful download, installation, activation on Vista 64-bit.
Nice, easy-to-navigate GUI, with many available options.
Allows capture of web page, window text, screen region, clipboard contents, and URL-series creation, among other features.
Program offers detailed Local Help Menu for guidance.
Very useful tool (indeed) to capture all desired internet-related info."
-- Inas


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Capturesaver lets you:

  • Save full Web pages to browse offline
  • Save selected text and images from web page
  • Collect information from other applications such as MS Word and PDF files
  • Organize information in a free form hierarchical tree
  • Edit content with rich html formatting capabilities
  • Add your personal comments and specify tags for every article.
  • Quickly find information with full text search
  • Never lose important information
  • And so much more...
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