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Our product - the personal knowledge base software CaptureSaver - allows you build own digital library of information. With CaptureSaver you can permanently save selected text, images, and complete Web pages, then edit, tag, organize, and search for information in your offline personal and portable knowledge base.

When you use CaptureSaver you'll never lose important information, or have to worry about Web sites or pages disappearing never to be found again.

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What is CaptureSaver Knowledge Base

CaptureSaver save all information such as Web Pages, Text, Images etc. into a searchable database. It is easily for organizing information and quickly for searching. Just as important, all your information have captured into a single database file.

personal knowledge base main interface
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File with extension "caps" are of type "CaptureSaver Knowledge Base".

CaptureSaver supply a default Knowledge Base files after you installed the product.  Some web pages have captured into it. This file locates in the "My Documents\CaptureSaver" folder.

CaptureSaver includes standard File Open, New and Close commands, so you can work with as many Knowledge Base files as you want. It does not however have File Save. Instead files are saved when CaptureSaver is closed and as a safety precaution they are saved in the background while you are working.

How to create a new personal knowledge base?

To create a new empty Knowledge Base use File|New. CaptureSaver Knowledge Base files can have any name and will always have a file extension of .caps.

Other ways to open the file?

You can open .caps files by double clicking on their filename in MS Windows Explorer, by dragging them from Explorer and dropping them on CaptureSaver.

How to collect information?

Download Web Page for Offline Browsing. Download web page and save them into an off-line research and reference library while you are surfing the Internet.
Using CaptureSaver as Information Collector. Both in business and education, effective management of information taken from the Internet is a major problem. ...

Convenient Offline Browser, Saves Only the Necessary Information from Web


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