Using CaptureSaver as Information Collector

Both in business and education, effective management of information taken from the Internet is a major problem. The process of collecting, saving and managing information for future research use depends on a flawed mixture of compromises and workarounds that interferes with work-flow and results in data-loss and worse.

Up until now, bookmarking favorite pages has been the standard method for saving web content. While bookmarking is useful for finding your way back to a site, it has major limitations. Bookmarks cannot save information created dynamically by web servers, nor can they save time-critical information. You cannot use bookmarks off-line, nor can you use your bookmarks to share information with your boss. Even utilities that store bookmark lists are of little value because bookmarked pages can disappear.

With a conventional browser, if you want to visit several links on a Web page, you have to click on the links one by one, wait until the pages are loaded, then view the pages. When you are reading a page, the Internet connection becomes idle. If you find an interesting page that you want to save, you have to use IE's Save command and choose saving path and name the title.

CaptureSaver provides a solution, and then delivers a lot more!

CaptureSaver is an information collector for:

  • Students, Researchers, Teachers, Professors, Information Professionals.
    Save the results of on-line research including journal articles, newspaper stories, research from on-line systems(Lexis/Nexis, Dialog, Factiva, etc.)
  • Legal Researchers, Attorneys, Para-Legals, Judges.
    Organize information from Lexis, Westlaw as well as rulings and legislation from state, federal, and local government sites.
  • Marketing and PR Departments, Product Managers.
    Keep permanent copies of articles, reviews, and news stories about your products and your company. Use CaptureSaver to save and organize competitive intelligence information you gather on-line.
  • Journalists, Writers, Authors, Bloggers.
    Save ideas, facts, and figures for new stories. Keep permanent copies of articles or posts that you use as sources.

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